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In 1988, Lorna’s brother-in-law took over a long time shoe repair shop in Saskatoon, and began carrying Birkenstock sandals. Family members all wore Birkenstocks in support of his new venture.

Back then, Lorna was happily teaching, and in her 24th year with the Red Deer Public School District. People approached Lorna in the most unusual places, asking where they could get Birkenstocks. Eventually, cases of Birkenstocks arrived by bus to Lorna’s home and a home based business began!

Fast forward to 1993, Lorna and Dennis opened …comforts the sole with Birkenstock, Tilley Endurables and Mephisto. Soon the product expanded to what you see today on this web site.

Over the many years, …comforts the sole has been so fortunate to have long term, dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. More than that, the many loyal, long term customers with comfortable feet and stylish clothes truly emphasize how great a store …comforts the sole really is. Life couldn’t be better!

A little bit of history is needed to explain how …comforts the sole came to be!

Comforts the sole: About us 

Everyone has their own story. The ups and downs, twists and turns, we all have those moments in our lives where fate tests us to our limits. Just like comforts the sole, we underwent a long journey for our shop to be what it is today. 

Get to know us better by uncovering our story. 

Our story 

Comforts of Sole would not be what it currently is if not for these crucial events in our journey. This is the timeline of the events of our story: 

  • It all started in 1988 when the brother-in-law of Lorna, the owner of the shop, took over a shoe repair shop in Saskatoon. 
  • He then started importing Birkenstock sandals which were well-known at that time. 
  • To support him in his venture, all of Lorna’s family members started to wear Birkenstock sandals as well. 
  • While this was happening, Lorna was happily teaching at Red Deer Public School District which was already her 24th year being an educator. 
  • Suddenly, people approached her and asked about where they could buy Birkenstocks. 
  • It gave her an opportunity to consider stepping into a new endeavour in life. 
  • One day, to her surprise, there were a ton of cases of Birkenstocks that arrived by bus to her home. 
  • This significant event led to the beginning of a home-based business. 
  • Fast forward to 1993, Lorna and Dennis officially opened their store, comforting the sole. 
  • It started with products from Birkenstock, Tilley Endurables and Mephisto. 
  • As the shop continued to grow, the product line available also increased and expanded its range to what it offers presently. 

Over the years, comforts the sole has been so fortunate to have dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff members that have been with us for a long time. Moreover, we are thankful for the many loyal customers who endlessly support our business from the beginning until today. 

Why go to Comforts the Sole

There is so much history behind comforts the sole and we have always been centred on giving the best for our customers. Here at our shop, our main objective came from our namesake because we want you to be satisfied with your everyday footwear. 

We display a lot of selections that will fit your feet snugly and are suitable for any occasion. Whether it is for a casual day out or an important celebration, you can find the right kind you need here. 

Aside from shoes, we can help boost your confidence through our stylish clothes that you can take your time to choose. Additionally, we have a lot of accessories that can complement your look. Comforts the Sole has got you covered for any shopping need to pay a visit to our shop now. 

Visit Comforts the Sole 

For more information about Comforts the Sole, you can visit our website. All the details about our products, services and how you can contact us are found there so check it all out.

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