Best orthopaedic footwears!

Comforts the Sole: Best orthopaedic footwears!

Do you often feel pain in your feet? Gain back comfort on your soles and trade your uncomfortable footwears for orthopaedic shoes! Here at Comforts the Sole, we will show you the best brands recommended by podiatrists over the world. What’s even better is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. These shoes are designed to support your feet muscles as well as give you a stunning appearance that will look flawlessly good with any of your outfits. Pick a brand that works with your aesthetics in our list of best orthopaedic footwears!

Fashion meets comfort 

For years, people have always thought that pain is beauty. Not anymore! These orthopaedic footwears will bring comfort to your style as you rock your own unique look. Take a look at what we have in store for you below: 

  • Dansko 

Dansko is a well-known brand that has unique clog style footwear. It is the perfect pair for professionals who are on the go and always on their feet. The stylish and sleek design only adds to the professional flair of this sensational leather footwear. Additionally, you can replace the insoles when it starts wearing out so you wouldn’t have to buy a new pair! 

  • Gravity Defyer 

Gravity Defyer really lives up to their brand’s name with how comfortable their running shoes feel. They are known for their patented shock-absorption technology called VersoShock soles that makes it feel like you’re walking on clouds. Not only that but VersoShock also acts as a spring that converts the shock in your soles into a renewed positive energy that will make your muscles feel less tired even after a long run. 

  • Hoka One One 

Out of the brands in this list, Hoka One One is the only one that is not marketed as orthopaedic shoes. However, their soles and materials are high quality and perfect for giving the feet just the right support. The design for this brand includes an oversized midsole with enhanced cushioning on the outsoles. Adding to its feature are the shock-absorbing materials of the sole that produce a high-energy return. 

  • Aetrex 

Who says heeled leather boots can’t support good foot health? Aetrex proves everyone wrong with its revolutionary design that fits the shoe to your foot’s shape. The personalized 3D foot scanning technology of Aetrex allows them to make a pair that has a sole specifically designed for your feet! It captures the size, length, width, arch type, and the dimension of your foot to create the perfect orthotics. 

  • Spenco 

If you want to give your feet some air, Spenco has the perfect design that will support your soles and give you a fashionable look. The footbeds of their sandals feature a metatarsal pad that redistributes pressure in your foot preventing the possibility of foot strains.  

  • Orthofeet 

Orthofeet is a specialized shoe that uses ergonomic soles to bring comfort to your every stride! It has a gel padding that absorbs shock from your feet and redistributes the energy throughout your muscles to keep it from feeling strained. What makes this brand different is that it doesn’t just provide comfort for the soles. It also has a padded lining to prevent blistering.

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