How to keep your feet safe and healthy

Comforts the Sole: How to keep your feet safe and healthy

Keep your feet safe and healthy by wearing sandals or shoes that comfort your soles and support your ankles. A lot of brands now design supportive footwear that allows you to be on your feet all day without developing any pain and discomfort.

Remember these suggestions when you go looking for long-lasting footwear.

Don’t wear flip-flops

Extended use of flip-flops can lead to arch and heel pain because this style has no support. You may be wanting to show your toes and that beautiful pedicure to your friends but your soles are going to hurt.

Don’t wear ballet flats

These cute shoes may remind you of grade school ballet days but they don’t have support for your size and weight now. You may also think that your foot is covered but that is a false sense of comfort. The material used in ballet flats is thin and it can get easily punctured while walking on the concrete pavement on your way to work.

Don’t wear plastic shoes

Plastic shoes are hard and do not give your feet flexibility. When your feet swell in the afternoon which they typically do, your plastic shoes will be extremely uncomfortable. You also should be aware of other dangers of wearing plastic footwear. 

Your feet cannot breathe in them and may cause bacteria and fungal growth. It may also give an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Not only does plastic cause sweating that makes your feet smell bad but it also causes friction under your soles that can create blisters.

Don’t wear gladiator sandals

The thin straps of gladiator sandals give you the illusion of ankle support but they’re not sturdy enough to protect you from an ankle sprain. 

Don’t wear closed-toed mules

Mules have no ankle and soles support which can easily allow for a sprained ankle and long term damage. The typical design of the closed narrow cover can also crush your toes especially if you have to be on your feet all day.

Don’t wear heels higher than 3 inches

If you must wear heels, you have to stop at 3 inches. Your stylist may lead you to believe that the higher the inches, the closer to God. Think of your safety first because the higher the heels, the higher the chances of damaging your ankles.

Wear sneakers and running shoes

Sneakers and running shoes have the best shock absorption and are designed for optimum arch and soles support. They also come in the latest designs that you can wear to the gym and even to the office.

Wear cowboy boots

Cowboy boots provide great ankle support and have enough room for your toes so they don’t get crushed. They are fashionable and they look pretty good with knee-length skirts.

Wear Birkenstock style sandals

People wear their Birkenstock anywhere, even to work or parties. It’s because they’re designed to be good for your soles. They provide shock absorption and arch support.

Wear wedge heels

Wedge heels give you more support and balance than stilettos. Ladies usually wear their stilettos for fashion and style even if it means pain and torture. But for everyday office wear, you can find wedges that come in beautiful designs and are also more comfortable than the prettiest pair of stilettos.

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