Comforts the Sole: How to style your platform shoes

Comforts the Sole: How to style your platform shoes

Shoes are one of the first things that a person notices when they see you. It can give a great impression to the people you encounter. Also, it can make them assume what kind of personality you might have. 

However, finding the right kind of pair of shoes is not easy. A lot is to be considered in choosing it such as: 

  • Looking for the right size for your feet
  • It’s level of comfort and if it is breathable enough for your feet
  • The occasion that you would need it for
  • A price range you can afford to spend
  • Durability and how long it could last
  • The materials used for its production. 

There are also different kinds of shoes which are the following: 

  • Ballet shoes
  • Brogues
  • Clogs
  • Cowboy boots
  • Flats
  • Flip flops
  • Football boots 
  • High heels
  • Hiking boots
  • Knee-high boots
  • Loafers 
  • Moccasins
  • rubber boots
  • Sandals
  • Slippers
  • Sneakers
  • Snowshoes
  • Stilettos 
  • Wedges
  • Platform shoes 

While there may be a variety of these available in Comforts the Sole, we are drawing in a closer look at a particular kind which is platform shoes. Unravel the greatness of complementing your overall look with platform shoes by using these inspirations below as your guide. 

Different kinds of platforms shoes

Platform shoes are the type of footwear that has a thick sole that can make a person appear taller because of its increased inches. Different kinds under it are the following: 

  • Platform Heels

In platform heels, it has a thicker sole as compared to regular shoes. They are comfortable to walk in as compared to high heels because they elevate the entire bottom portion of your feet at a balanced angle. With these heels on, you can groove to the beat of the music during a party since it refrains you from toppling over your feet or hurting your ankles. 

  • Platform Boots 

To add a little spice to your look and increase your height, platforms boots can help you with that. It may seem intimidating with its tall height but they are easy to walk in. 

  • Flatforms 

Flatforms are like the great combination of a sandal and a platform shoe. With a raised sole that’s 3 inches thick, this women’s shoe is distinct from the conventional designs of platform shoes. This has only one raised sole as compared to the latter which has two different thick blocks, one under the heel and a lower one under the toe. 

  • Platform Sandals

They are a more laid back and casual pair of shoes is the platform sandals. These are open-toed so it can give more room for your feet to breathe in and have it moved easily. It’s a different variation from your usual sandals because it can add a sparkle to your look with its unique heel. 

  • Heel-less platforms 

A daring and bold choice for you is heel-less platforms. Popular artists like Lady Gaga are well-known to wear this type of footwear. It breaks the norm of the common types of shoes because there is no actual heel in it. Since they exert force on the shank part of your shoe, heel-less platforms are challenging to wear but are a fashion statement indeed. 

Advantage of using platform shoes 

Now that you got to discover the different types of platform shoes that you can try out, here are the advantages of wearing them: 

  • You get to have a sudden increase in height. 
  • It can boost your confidence when you walk into a room or strut your way on the sidewalk. 
  • Wherever you want to go, wearing platform shoes can add a flair that can make people stare at you in awe. 
  • Fixing your posture and giving you a graceful gait as you prance around the place. 
  • Comfortable and stylish enough which is suitable for big occasions. 
  • It is different from the conventional pair that is worn by many people. 
  • Change the way people would perceive you because putting on platform shoes is like making a bold fashion statement that you can slay anything you wear. 
  • Not that difficult to match with clothes as people make it out to be. 
  • Since some people aren’t brave enough to wear it, you easily stand out when you put it on. 

Different ways to style your platform shoes 

Contrary to what most people think, styling platform shoes with your outfit for the day is not as difficult as it seems. Challenging as it may be at the beginning but it is an exciting experience of mixing and matching clothes. 

We have styling inspirations listed for you to fit the style you are going for: 

  • Gothic Goddess 

The gothic look is dark-themed and gives off a mysterious vibe. You can dye your hair black, put on dark lipstick and wear dark clothing. To complement the look, you can put on platform boots. You can try the Demonia gothic boots to complete that enigmatic aura. 

  • Casual Lady 

If you want a modest yet sophisticated look, put on a pair of platform sandals. It has a simple design that you can match with a flowy dress which is perfect for the summer. You can also opt to wear it with a simple top and denim shorts. 

  • Skater Chick 

A boyish-style attire can consist of a plain top and skater skirt with platform heels on. It can give off a youthful look compared to what you are accustomed to. 

  • Sporty Girl 

Aside from a skater style inspiration, you can go with a sporty look with the new platform sneakers variation. A basic tee and denim jeans could work with it. You can also try it out with a matching hoodie sweatshirt and pants. Another option is a long-sleeved top and leggings. 

  • Elegant Lass

For events like fashion shows or simply moments when you want to look elegant, you can wear a white puff sleeve dress and pair it with black platform shoes. It’s a cute idea for picnic dates and would look amazing in the photos too. 

  • Voguish Beauty 

An all-white ensemble with a white top, maxi skirt, and a blazer can give you a photoshoot worthy look as if you’re the front cover of the magazine of Vogue. You can wear platform shoes to complete the look. Don’t forget to slip on a designer bag for an exquisite appearance. 

  • Chic Princess

An urban-chic style idea is wearing a body-hugging skirt with a slit with a dark long-sleeved top that is folded to your elbows. Matched with platform heels or sandals, depending on your preference, it can give a sophisticated aura to your look. You can wear this kind of style for informal meetings as well. 

  • Unmatched Queen 

If you are going to a costume party or big event, you can wear something daring like heel-less platforms with spikes in them. For your outfit, you can go with a costume that is inspired by an animated film like Cruella De Ville. She may be a villain in the story but you can copy her look with that black and white polka dots fur coat and ankle-length dress for your pair of heel-less platforms. 

What else to consider when styling your outfits  

We all got our personal styles and preferences so you can choose to go with what sparks your interest and speaks the most about who you are. Here are some tips you can consider when you are styling your next outfit: 

  • The theme of the event that you are going to. 
  • Your mood for the day.
  • The kind of personality that you want to portray. 
  • If you have the needed clothes that you are visualizing to wear. 
  • The colour scheme of the overall look is complementing each other. 
  • Your level of comfort. 
  • The way it fits your body if it is too tight or too loose on you. 
  • If your shoes would be the right match for your fit. 
  • The accessories such as necklaces or bracelets can mesh well to your entire appearance. 
  • Hair and make-up ideas that can add to the flair of your look. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go with a more creative look that you haven’t tried out before. It can help you figure out what is your sense of style and what suits you best. 

Get the best style at Comforts the Sole 

Comforts the Sole is more than just a shop that sells great shoe brands but also houses fashionable clothing designs for you. Moreover, there are accessories that you can find in our shop. Browse through a wide range of products and services by visiting our website. 

You can also contact us with any questions you may have about our shop or any worries about your shopping-related concerns. We are looking forward to seeing you on your next trip so go have a rejuvenating experience at Comforts the Sole.

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