Services We Offer:

We, at …comforts the sole, not only offer personalized service but we know and wear our product!


We proudly say we have the best selection of Birkenstocks; the variety we carry is endless. Our summer line with its colours and styles have many waiting in anticipation for its arrival in March.

After hours? No problem!

If you would like personalized shopping, we offer you time after hours to take all the time you need to shop. It’s as easy as contacting our shop and making the request. We are more than happy to accommodate only you or a group friends!

We even do repairs!

…comforts the sole can extend the life of your beloved Birkenstocks! Zoom?s certified Birkenstock repair Centre will do first class repairs…so good in fact, your Birks will be good for another 2 000 km!

Mail Delivery

Our staff is on the ready to mail or courier any product to your home; contact us by:

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