A little something wonderful for your feet:

Birkenstock is notable for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds, which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearer’s feet.

Blundstone boots are life’s perfect companions with their pull-on, kick-off, go-anywhere, wear-with-anything ease.

Bos & Co Canadian fine shoes with modern styles, with fantastic pricing.

Earth’s contemporary styling is complemented by an advanced, comfort footbed.

Finn Comfort combines skillfull old-world European craftsmanship with medical know-how.

Mephisto is the finest walking shoe on earth. Its comfort, support and durability are recognized wherever people take walking seriously.

Portofino Made to facilitate orthotic inserts and respect the orthopedic recommendations of foot professionals.

Comforts the Sole: Explore our footwear brands 

Shoes are one of the essential things we use in our everyday lives. Not only does it secure your feet but it can even affect your gait. Additionally, it influences how people perceive you. After all, the right kind of footwear can speak volumes about your personality. 

Some common examples are as follows: 

  • If you wear heels, people often see you as a strong and independent person who is brimming with confidence. 
  • For sandals or flat shoes, they can view you as someone who likes a casual and modest look.
  • In cases when you prefer to wear sneakers, it gives off a sporty vibe for women while a cool and laidback aura for men. 

Of course, these are only sample scenarios of how people might observe you but in the end, it is still on how you bring yourself that matters most. When it comes to anything about shoes, Comforts the Sole is the right fit for you. We have a wide range of footwear brands that you can pick from so get updated with all the information about it. 

Comforts the Sole: Birkenstock

The first and top footwear brand proudly found in comforts the sole is Birkenstock. This is notable for its contoured cork and rubber footbeds which conform to the shape of your feet. It originates from Germany and has been in circulation since 1774. 

Check out the benefits of choosing a pair of Birkenstocks: 

  • They are comfortable to wear.

Since its footbed is designed for the wearer’s convenience, it has a shape that conforms to the size of your feet for a snug fit. The longer you wear it, the more likely you are going to be at ease with them. 

Moreover, the footbed materials used in this product can protect your foot from any fungus or sweat. Since they absorb the impact on your feet, they can reduce the stress on your legs, ankles, feet and even spine. 

  • Birkenstocks are durable.

Birkenstocks can last for a long period so you won’t have to be concerned about getting it fixed regularly. Also, you can wear it for the entire day without worrying if the strap of your sandals will fall off. 

  • It is moulded to your feet. 

Little do many know that body alignment is an important factor to consider when choosing the right pair of shoes. This is because if you choose an ill-fitting one then there is a possibility that you might have health complications later on. Some examples are misaligned spinal cord, knees and lower back injuries. 

  • A Birkenstock pair can aid in healing foot problems. 

You should not take foot problems for granted. It is better that you take precautions as early as now before having to deal with them in the future. A great feature of a Birkenstock pair is that it has an orthopaedic insole that can both stabilize and cushion your feet securely. This can avoid cases of calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails and foot pain. 

  • It can nourish the muscles and joints in your body. 

Aside from aiding with any foot problems, a Birkenstock can help facilitate the free flow of blood on your feet. This is because wearing a comfortable pair of Birkenstocks can allow your blood circulation to move smoothly which results in healthier muscles and joints in your body. 

  • Birkenstocks are suitable for any gender. 

A Birkenstock is fitting for both men and women so you can even wear a matching pair with your significant other. There are a lot of neutral colours available which would look good on anyone. 

  • It’s stylish to wear. 

Apart from being comfortable for your feet, Birkenstocks are stylish since this comes in different colours, styles and sizes which can suit your preferences. 

Comforts the Sole: Bo’s & Co 

Bo’s & Co are Canadian fine shoes with modern styles and fantastic pricing. From sandals to boots, these are a few examples of footwear designs that are catered for women in Bo’s & Co: 

  • Waterproof Wool Lined Suede Boot
  • Lux Slide Sandal
  • Imani Slide Sandal
  • Goose Primaloft Waterproof Boiled Wool Mid Calf Boot 
  • Mona Platform Slip-On Sneaker
  • Varun Sandal
  • Padi Wool Lined Waterproof Suede Bootie
  • Gallow Primaloft Boot
  • Java Waterproof Tall Boot
  • Hammon Waterproof Boot
  • Rural Bootie
  • Bevy Block Heel Bootie 
  • Vada Slide Sandal 
  • Martial Wool Lined Waterproof Suede Tall Boot
  • Lively Slide Sandal
  • Olary Sneaker
  • Osaka Slip-On Sneaker 

With a variety of colour and styles, Bo’s & Co has it all made for you. There are even boots for men such as: 

  • Dax Waterproof Chelsea Boot
  • Derek Waterproof Boot
  • Dash Waterproof Boot
  • Dawson Waterproof Boot 

Comforts the Sole: Earth’s 

Earth’s is themed with contemporary styling complemented with an advanced and comfortable footbed. From its name, Earth’s have shoes that have been produced from sustainable materials on our planet. This is a fitting choice for environmentalists and the ones who would love to help in saving Mother Earth. What you can find are the following styles:

  • Women’s shoes
    • Sneakers
    • Boots & Booties
    • Casual shoes
    • Flats
    • Wedges
    • Heels & Dress shoes
    • Sandals 
    • Negative Heel 
  • Men’s shoes
    • Dress shoes
    • Negative Heel 

Comforts the Sole: Finn Comfort

Finn Comfort combines skilful old-world European craftsmanship with medical know-how. This has a long 70 years of history that was first based in Germany. With premium footbeds that are made from natural materials such as leather and natural rubber, Finn Comfort is an efficient footwear choice. 

Here are the reasons why it’s great for you: 

  • Its footbeds are designed to support your heel, muscles, and bones in the feet for gentle positioning.
  • It is designed to enhance your natural heel-to-toe walking motion so it can train your foot and toe muscles. 
  • This can refrain you from any skin irritation because it is tanned with organic vegetable dyes. 
  • It has a padded topline and is comfortable to wear. 
  • With its fine leather lining, it is breathable and not too tight on your feet. 
  • Finn Comfort shoes are long-lasting and durable for any condition. 

Comforts the Sole: Mephisto 

Mephisto is noted to be the finest walking shoe on earth. Its comfort, support and durability are recognized by people who take walking seriously. Handcrafted by master shoemakers, these shoes have a one of a kind design that can fit you perfectly.

They pride in their attention to detail which creates durable footwear. Mephisto’s products are categorized by gender. These are some of the variations catered for men: 

  • Slack Gore-Tex Leather Hiking Boots
  • Black Cruiser Low Shoe Mamouth 
  • Vintage Mephisto Comfort Shoes
  • Mephisto Leather Air Jet 
  • Mephisto Marlon Oxford Air-Relax Goodyear Welt Black Pebbled Leather 

There are Mephisto shoes for every occasion, may it be for casual or formal events. Also, it has footwear for women and this includes: 

  • Flats
  • Heels
  • Sneakers
  • Classic sandals
  • Ankle straps
  • Slides
  • Platforms
  • Wedges
  • Cork Footbed
  • Ankle boots
  • Boots

Comforts the Sole: Portofino

Portofino shoes are made to facilitate orthotic inserts, following orthopaedic recommendations of foot professionals. A Canadian footwear brand that was made from different countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal. 

This is great for those that have delicate or sensitive feet which can ease any pain that you are feeling. Its great features include: 

  • They have styles that can easily be adjusted to what is suitable for your feet’s width and size. 
  • Shoes are made with quality leather and respect one’s differences in foot anatomy.
  • It is designed to not promote any foot deformities. 
  • These are created with care while fulfilling orthopaedic requirements. 

What to consider when buying shoes 

Now that you know the different footwear brands in Comforts the Sole, here are a few pointers to take in mind when you are buying shoes. These are the following factors you should consider: 

  • Budget

You wouldn’t want to overspend but instead, choose a pair that is of high quality yet still fits in your personal allocated budget for it. 

  • Style

Whether you are buying a pair for every day walking or for an important occasion, opt for a style that is fitting for its purpose and matches your personality. 

  •  Level of comfort

One of the most important things you should ponder on is if it is comfortable to wear or not. Do not simply go for the stylish ones but also for those that can help you walk in ease. 

  • Your preference

Of course, your top priority when buying a pair of shoes is your personal preference. You wouldn’t want to spend your money’s worth on something that you simply settled in choosing. 

Instead, go with the one that you like the most without worrying about whether it’s a new trend or not. Get the pair that makes you happier each time you wear it since it’s going to be your companion for a long time too. 

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